In doing my normal internet browsing, an article from a few years ago resurfaced itself on the Reddit front page and it caught my eye.  The article explains how playing action games video games brings a statistically significant increase in correct decision making skills, as compared to control games.  Here are the results of the study if anyone is interested .  In any case, seeing this article got me thinking a little more on other results that can be gleamed from gaming.  Today I would like to extrapolate a bit further to explain why gamers make excellent analysts instead of simply basement dwellers.


Pattern solving like a boss

Throughout most of the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 era, many successful games were action platforming games.  Because of the lack of memory the cartridges and compact discs had, bosses needed to be difficult with a specific method to finishing them.  Castlevania was extremely iconic with creating neigh impossible bosses at the end of each level…until you saw the pattern of their attacks.  Devil May Cry was absolutely grueling with bosses until you learned each and every one of their attacks and how to counter them.  Gamers can be very good at picking up patterns quickly, then finding what they can do to fight against the pattern.  Every three attacks he jumps?  Run under him and hit him in the back.  This applies to the business world as well.  Gamers are able to notice patterns and trends in data, and then quickly evaluate and figure out why that pattern exists.  We will then try new solutions until we find a working one without giving up. 

Grinding to that level up

Most anyone who has played a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or a Final Fantasy title understands the need to do the same repetitive tasks over and over in order to gain experience for that next level.  Some people have even made careers doing this for gold to sell on eBay or get the best weapon drops for online auctions.  However, this translates to business settings too.  There is a reason for doing many tasks over and over; you get really good at them really quick and they prepare you for something later.  Paperwork becomes a breeze after practicing for a few hours, and gamers understand that.  We may gripe about having to do the same thing, but it would be hypocritical if we then went home to grind the same level for 3 hours in hopes of that one rare item drop or that next level.  Work is no different, do something well enough for long enough and you get noticed to level up or be promoted. 

While the negative perception of gaming fading due to the breaking down of hardcore and casual gaming, the negative stereotype of gamers still exists.  Television shows are starting to demonstrate successful people playing video games without being addicted, like Kevin Spacey playing Call of Duty in House of Cards.  Some shows maintain consistent inconsistency in how they portray gamers, like Big Bang Theory, in which the writers flip flop on positives and negatives of gaming.  In any case, pop culture has made gaming more acceptable, and I believe that gaming can create transferrable skills to the business setting. 

What are your thoughts in regards to gaming?  Can skills from games be transferred to the workplace, or are they just a hobby that many enjoy?