Many times, we plan for the worst.  We keep that extra fifty in our wallet when we go out, double check to make sure our doors are locked, and even just have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.   We can plan for failure and how to work around it, however, something else has a greater probability of killing an idea; not following through. 


I was reading Kalen Kublik’s article on why being lazy can kill social media ( when it dawned on me that being lazy to the point of not following through kills even more.  People expect online to be transparent and speedy.  When they leave a comment that is unattended for a long period of time, they feel unimportant.  Social media is an excellent tool for creating conversations with customers, but it also creates a different sense of urgency for a business.  If they cannot adapt to the speed that a customer wants, they will only start to look worse.

Being lazy may not be the best way to describe a slow social media strategy.  People may not be informed, or it may not be high on their priority list.  However, for a social media strategy to work, it must have swift responses.  Otherwise, it can very well fade into obscurity.

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