I am all for convenience, as well as simplification. When I first read about Yahoo’s new home screen app, Aviate, I was a little skeptical as to how well it would work. I had tried a custom loader on my previous phone when I had it rooted and it didn’t do much for me, so I went back to the classic home screen. However, in testing out Aviate, I am happily surprised at how smooth and intuitive the interface is.


Where most phones are able to customize widgets and apps very easily, Aviate takes that a step further. While keeping the basic swipe interface between screens, Aviate also lets you customize what your phone is used for. Want your phone to be business during the day and entertainment later at night? Aviate can do that. You can have your productivity and CRM apps available from 8-5, then as soon as you get home you can enjoy your entertainment apps without them tempting you during the day.


You also have your basic weather, national news, and local news as a screen with location based alerts so you know what is all around. Looking for a place for lunch? Let your phone let you know what is near by simply swiping over a screen. You also can have your calendar synced with the app, so you can easily see what meetings are still coming up.


I’m looking forward to new updates Yahoo does with Aviate, but in the small bit of time I’ve played with it so far, I would highly suggest it to make your home screen more efficient.