Twitter can seem daunting for businesses to pick up. There are over 500,000,000 tweets sent out daily, and it can seem very easy to simply become a number lost in the sea of information. However, don’t let that deter you from jumping into one of the most transparent and engaging forms of social media to talk with your fans. Trevor Sumner over at LocalVox made an awesome infographic to help business owners get a grasp on how to use Twitter, and it got me thinking on what I could add to it.

Twitter can be menacing with the amount of data thrown at you. However, that can be easily tamed with a few apps that can help organize everything into meaningful categories. Tweetdeck and HootSuite are fantastic tools for taking all the data coming in through Twitter and moving it into manageable categories. You can create specific columns for tweets at your handle, people you follow, and even divide that further to people that have come into your business. You can respond from the apps themselves, which makes keeping an eye on what’s going on even easier.

If you haven’t worked with Twitter before, the 140 character limit is a blessing in disguise. Instead of having all the space you want to craft your message, you need to figure a way to condense it to important information. But where you are limited, so is everyone else. You are able to go through more information in less time due to the condensed nature of Twitter. While sometimes spelling will change to keep the character count low, the overall message will not change.

Twitter is fantastic for customer service as well, since it is purely transparent. While you can direct message, doing a direct reply or tweeting back allows everyone to see the how you handled a customer’s problem. It shows that there are people behind a company rather than just the idea of a business. This kind of customer service helps to humanize a business and make going there an experience rather than an event.


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