Now that I’ve taken a new job, I looked back and realized that I had poor follow through in keeping my blog updated. With that in mind, it is my new goal to not allow myself to waver in updates with more varied content, and I am now setting the goal of having at least 3 blog posts go out each week; ideally five. 


With that being said, this post is a little bit more of a personal anecdote combined with some tips on how to bring a small business higher up in the Google rankings. I would like to thank Forbes Magazine for the reminder of how local SEO actually helped me as a consumer and not a business.


When I moved to the Fox Cities back in January, I knew nothing about the area. I had passed through the area while driving to school and coming home, but I never took the time to stop and learn what was here. Since I hadn’t met many people in the area, whenever I wanted something, I put my trust in the all knowing machine that is Google. When searching simply Mexican Restaurant or Italian Restaurant, it brought up so many places I never would have driven past, or even near, with my daily commute. Between seeing an online menu and reviews, it significantly helped me figure out what places I wanted to try. Google was great in helping me get a better idea of what the local flavor was, and help spread the word of my awesome experience. You never know who will become your next brand evangelist; make sure that they can find you online so they can spread your word offline.