I realize I haven’t posted anything in awhile, and I really need to change that.  I shot myself in the foot by not trying to keep up on trends, and it took a post about curation to get me exciting about sharing again.  Mashable is excellent in stirring up thought, and one of today’s articles has done that quite well.  People don’t have to become a leader in writing original content to be relevant in the job market; sometimes they just need to know who and what is going on.  Posting original articles are useful, but that curation is still king.

Social media is cluttered by the me Me ME mentality.  Giving posts that are about sharing information or trends is seen as a way of helping others, as well as showing your expertise.  Sharing these articles helps to get you connected with the people who are making history in the industry, be it a thought leader or someone with a new ground breaking idea.  The constant barrage of updates can show innovation.  The curator knows what is going on, as well as who is trending.  Even without adding their own input, the curator helps to filter out not as relevant articles in favor of the new exciting ones.  By connecting with them, it helps to build a network which could be more valuable than the information they are sharing.  These connections may even get an invite to a Google Hangout or someone asking for input on a blog post.  There is nothing but gain with curating content, besides maybe friends asking why there are no pictures of cats in status updates.