Many have tried to document and categorize features for what it means to go viral.  These documentations include pictures, catch phrases, and how easy it is to share the object.  However, Mashable is rolling out something that may shake the very foundation on how things go viral.  They just released an app that claims to predict what internet trends will go viral and will email the user.  What does this mean for something going viral and the social media users?


Timing is one large aspect that many users gain if they are notified as something goes viral.  Usually an article or a video takes time to reach critical mass, but if the predictor works as intended, each user will be notified right as the application determines if an object will be viral.  Summing that up, we can reduce time for everyone to understand a trend and for it to become an internet meme.  This could bode well for places like Reddit where /r/adviceanimals constantly hit the front page, or even on Facebook in helping understand what people are posting or commenting.


However, something this amazing cannot come without a con.  Because it will be run by an algorithm, there will be ways to game the system to get articles artificially inflated and maybe give something exposure it does not deserve.  If people figure out how to abuse the algorithm, they can bring linkbacks to their sites in order to increase viewership and ad revenue from application emails instead of genuine shares. 


Due to a partnership with Samsung, the Mashable app is available on Galaxy SIII, S4, and Note 2.  It may extend out to other devices soon, but as it initially rolls out, these devices will be the prototypes that could pave the way of the future.  What are your thoughts on a program that can turn the future of viral into a system?


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